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2018 American M NCR   was hosted by The Chicago RC Model Yacht Club

Friday and Saturday July 27 and 28

2019 American M NCR

The 2020 American Marblehead Class NCR originally scheduled for June has been postponed until further notice in response to the AMYA not sanctioning any championship regattas until at least July 1.  Updates will follow.

This regatta was eventually cancelled due to restrictions, hoping for better luck in 2021.

2019 AM Region 4 Championship

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"Greetings fellow sailors,

Below you will find a motion to amend section 6 of The Rules of Post - 1970 Boats,
which deals with the International Marblehead designed boats.
The motion would do away with section 6 as currently worded (which currently allows International M designs to race by conforming) and instead replace it with the following:

"The International rule boats can be registered and sailed as designed without the need to meet the weight and keel depth limits that are imposed on the other "American M Class" groups."

This creates a separate group within the "American M" that can sail with the whole class.
In the case of a regional or national championship they will be scored and trophied separately.

Moved by Benjamin F. Martin Jr.
"American M" Class Secretary
AMYA #8784

Seconded by Jack Woods
AMYA #18182


This change has been requested a number of times. The International M has always been invited to sail with the "American M" but had to meet weight and keel length restrictions. This added group will make "American M" more inclusive and will give owners of these boats more opportunity to race and compete with each other.

* Please reply to this email by voting for or against the proposed rule change.
* All votes must be received by April 3, 2021.

Thank you,

Biff Martin"

 Motion to Amend "American M" Rules

The following was emailed to all class members on the AMYA class list on 03/01/2001.  If you are a paid class member and did not get the email for voting please message the Website Administrator above.

2021 American Marblehead Class NCR