2018 NCR Results

Division Winners:

Ron Schloemer - first "Classic"

Bob Armbruster - first "High Flyer"

Cliff Martin - second "High Flyer"

Ken Young - first "Traditional

The following photos are courtesy of Larry Kmiecik, commentary by Ken Young.

All four of Ray Ozmun's Magic Dragon designs.  Cliff Martin's and Jim Linville's MD Is, Jeff Gros's MD II and III, Ken Young's MD IV.

A start with ten boats in three divisions.

Boats passing in front of skippers' dock.  Look at the flag to see what we had for a breeze.

A Badger sandwich between two Magic Dragons.  Game of Thrones?

Cliff Martin's Magic Dragon and Ken Young's Madcap on a tight reach.

Division winners:  Ron Schloemer - first "Classic", Cliff  Martin - second "High Flyer", Bob Armbruster - first "High Flyer", and Ken Young - first "Traditional."

Pretty relaxed group eating lunch and waiting for awards.