2019 American Marblehead Class NCR

Winners left to right:

Biff Martin (Modern), John Storrow (VM), Tom Hayden (Classic), Herb Dreyer (VM High Flyer)

AMYA Hall of Famer Jim Linville

Chris Hornick's beautiful home built Bantock Cumulus

Jerry Leach preps his Spot

Starkers and Assassin trying to warm up.

Tom Hayden giving his Assassin a close look.

As usual Cheryl Emmons made sure that the lunch went off without a hitch.

John Storrow with his home built Madcap, Pinter 2.5 in foreground belongs to Rick Laird.

MMYC secretary/treasurer Craig Speck took care of business.

Pit lane

Rick Laird and his Pinter 2.5

Race Director and AMYA Hall of Famer John Snow presents Herb Dreher with his plaque.  Marblehead Class Secretary Stan Goodwin looks on as well as AMYA Hall of Famer Jim Linville.

Herb Dreher, Jerry Leach, and John Storrow.

Skippers' meeting

Bill Davis, Biff Martin, and scorekeeper Rick Gates

Jack Woods' Starkers Squared

Memorial to Wilmot (Mammy) Redd who was hanged during the Salem Witch Trials and for whom the pond is named after.

Above photos by Jack Woods

Above action photos by Craig Speck