Starkers 3 Marblehead

Highly competitive, designed and built by David Creed, UK
Just arrived, two new

New Starkers Cubed with two fins.  RMG 285 ES1 smart winch, RMG low profile deck mount switch (on/off/voltage), and Hitek HS-5086WP steering servo mounted directly to the rudder post.

$2,000.00 ... sheets and RMG switch not mounted.

RTR w/A swing rig, House Martin sails and Spektrum AR410 receiver $2,400.00

A Swing Rig kit and sails available extra.


A Conventional shroud less kit and sails also available extra.


Prefer to sell in our local fleet area (Marblehead) or Region 1.

Used Starkers Squared @2003

Of these three Starkers (2 Cubed and 1 Squared) I will sell two.  I'm going to keep and sail one.  I just want to see more modern designs at the pond.

My red Starkers Squared comes with an A Swing Rig, three varying length fins, and a second Creed rudder.  The boat has a Graupner Regatta winch which was new two seasons ago.  All new sheeting below and above deck.